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Join in! 5 x spring happiness in your shop

Let your customers enjoy the scents! Breathe in. Enjoying spring smells is the best way to leave winter behind. From the soft sweet viburnum to the intense smelling hyacinths; pure spring happiness. As a florist you can achieve this in your own way.  ‘Come in, spring starts here.’

1. Make the counter a scent bar

A row of little vases with fragrant flowers is enough to introduce customers to different spring scents. ‘What is your favourite spring scent?’

2. Allow your customers to smell

Organise a scent tasting for your regulars (VIP-evening) or for potential customers. Do this outside of your shop or together with other retailers at a spring fair. Pull out all the stops with the most eclectic smelling flowers. Let everyone smell, compare and make associations. What does this smell remind you of?

3. At the bar with a flower grower

Florists can also order a scent bar. We would like to help plan a possible collaboration with a spring flower grower. It will be fun to hear the stories from the fields, ‘live’ on the shop floor! Are you going to start your own spring scents initiative? Please let us know and we would love to help you get more PR for your event, on our Facebook page, for example.

4. Make it personal

Write about fragrant spring flowers on Facebook, Instagram or in your blog. A vibrant flower photo with some short text about fragrance is enough. It can be tricky to describe scent so let us help you find some words. Try fresh, sweet, herby, spring fresh, tingling fresh, subtle spring or even intense spring. It is more personal when you write about how you perceive scents, for example ‘fresh like a spring morning’ or ‘when you smell this flower you feel like skipping’. Of course one person’s favourite spring scent can evoke negative feelings for another. In that case simply point out other flowers he or she may like instead.

5. Download & share some spring happiness

Click here to download the photos of fragrant spring flowers for use on social media, newsletters or in posts. This makes it easy to welcome in and celebrate spring!

Download spring!

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